Roger Rambo's Jeepsafari

Crete, the cradle of Zeus, the island of the gods

Here, dear visitor, you will be filled with wonder by the play of bright colors and the transcendent light, the contrast of the red rocks and green valleys, by the delicate little flowers under hundred-years-old olive trees, by the titanic mountains protecting valleys, by steep cliffs to the feet which are offered languidly sandy beaches lapped by the waves. All this, soaked in the smell of the salty breeze mixed with herbs and haunting melody of cicadas, together with the ringing of bells and the bleating of a thousand lambs will convince you that you are truly in paradise on earth.

The poet Homer called her "Gaia," Mother Earth Kazantzakis and compared her to an honest and bright wild animal. Here, you will feel at home because hospitality is a living tradition jealously kept for thousands of years. Nowadays, most of the island seems overwhelmed by tourists from all over the world. However, there are still a few quiet and secret places, faithful and promising to those who approach them with respect. These are the places we invite you to discover.

Let yourself be carried away by our jeep safari tour, during which you can enjoy the wild beauty of spring flowers, the endless song of cicadas in the heat of the summer, heady smells of oregano, thyme and sage and sunlight glare on clusters of ripe grapes of the fall... Enjoy our visits throughout the year. Enjoy the beauty of Crete with us!

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