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Our tours

We offer you:


This tour will give you a taste of all the wild beauty to be discovered inside the most impressive department of central Crete, the high plateau of Lassithi. We stop for our first coffee break in a traditional village, then we go back off road, into the mountains. ! The off road will take you to the very heart and soul of this magnificent countryside, and though it may be a bit of a bumpy ride, (the famous Cretan massage...) it is so worth your while. On this tour you go up to 1400m.Two coffee stops, and lunch in a tavern (BBQ).

Tour LIVIKO PELAGOS (south Crete)

Let us take you on an adventure to explore the lesser known side of the island. You will drive mainly on dirt roads only known by the locals, stop for a Greek coffee and refreshments in a tiny typical village kafenion. . Prepare yourself for a real Cretan massage! (Bumpy road!) Opportunity to swim in the Libyan Sea. Two coffee stops, and lunch in a tavern.

Tour Omalos (Viannos) - Mistiko tou Voskou NEW!

Do you like the nature and the silence, then the Omalos tour is pure adventure. Wonderful offroads and picturesque villages, that will take you to the shepherd's secret "MISTIKO TOU VOSKOU". A place at 1300m altitude the Plateau OMALOS, the plateau is only used by local shepherds during the summer months.We also drive through one of the last pine forests of Crete. So, a jewel to add to your collection!


You will drive mainly on dirt roads only known by locals, pass through traditional villages and stop for a Greek coffee or refreshments in a tiny kafenion, with more off road through mountains until we reach the splendid coast, where we will enjoy a lunch by the sea. Prepare yourself for a real Cretan massage! (bumpy offroad!).Two coffee stops, and lunch in a tavern. With boat trip in the bay of Mirabello and possibility of swimming, from the boat. ( ticket for the boat not included )


Program 2019

Sunday: ------

Monday: Jeepsafari Oros Dikti
Tuesday: Jeepsafari Liviko Pelagos 
Wednesday: Jeepsafari Kalydon (Plaka)
Thursday: Jeepsafari Omalos (Viannos) - Mistiko tou Voskou
Friday:  Jeepsafari Liviko Pelagos

License number Greece: 1039E70000097601

Pickup place


Kokkini Hani                

Roger Rambo


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